Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak. In Dublin, Ireland.

How I got it

I found this in the "swap" section of Buy & Sell. I was "interested".
Sequential Circuits were a company I always thought to be cool, even though the Six-Trak was certainly the lower end of the SC food chain. I rang up, talked to the owner's lady, and was told that the synth had been sold. I had a feeling she wasn't that sure of what she said, so later on I rang back with a slightly different voice. This time I talked to the owner. Arrangements were made - later that night I sat on a bus with the Six-Trak in a bin liner.

This synth is weird. It has fantastic oscillators, wet as hell, and a filter section that's fairly nice. The envelopes, however, are just wrong. The curves all seem "off" and they limit this machine quite a bit. The rubber buttons become less responsive with age, but the important thing is that it does sound great, albeit in its own special squidgy wet fizzy way.

Of course, it makes me think how fantastic the big SC machines must have been...

Goodbye Six-Trak

March 2003. I sold the Six-Trak to a nice fellow called Jack. I almost regretted selling, as it performed quite excellently during the "this is a Six-Trak" demo. But it's gone. I'm looking at the AN1X now, and thinking that I need it to drive the vocoder, but that I could get my Juno 6 to do that. And the Juno would look nice sitting just below the JX3P.

Thanks Six-Trak. We had some fun.

Useful Stuff

A lot of useful stuff is included in the Links Section, but here are two pages I put together based on mails from "Steve B" explaining how the Six-Trak's internal sequencer works.

Using the Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Sequencer
Other Useful Six-Trak Stuff


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