Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak. In Dublin, Ireland.

Other Useful Six-Trak Stuff:

Automatic Tuning

As the Six-Trak warms up, the temperature change causes the oscillator to drift. To correct for this effect, the Six-Trak tunes itself when it is not being played. When the Six-Trak has been "standing by" for 30 seconds, it will tune one oscillator. Thirty seconds later, it will tune the next oscillator, and so on. If you need to play it while it is tuning, go ahead: playing interrupts tuning.


The PITCH wheel is normally left in the center-detent position, from which it is possible to "bend" oscillator pitch up or down by about a 3rd.

Centered would be "C"

Down is "A"

Up is "E"

To center the Pitch wheel

Put the PITCH wheel in the centered-detent position

While holding CONTROL RECORD, press 3

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