Jen SX 1000

Jen SX 1000 SX1000 SX-1000. Dublin Ireland.

How I got it

I hadn't bought anything for a while, and happened to check Buy & Sell on a Monday morning. What I saw was a Jen SX 1000 for a low, low price. I knew what a Jen was, and had an inkling what an SX 1000 might have been, having been in the same room as one years before. I rang the guy, got the details, and offered him an extra twenty pounds if he could bring it to me at work (city centre). He said yes. A couple of hours later a strange man showed up with something in a bin liner. It worked like he said it would and the deal was done.

The synth is nice. It's got a really moogy filter, and has separate VCA and VCF adsr envelopes. The modulation options are a bit low, but it's analogue as hell and has multi-coloured metallic knobs.

Goodbye Jen

The Jen went away. I sold it to a guy in April 2003. I didn't keep it because the Moogs were always going to be better synths, and the Jen really just wanted to be a Moog. That's the reason I didn't keep it, but the reason I wanted to sell it was more complex...

Goodbye Jen...


mods and circuit diagrams

Fix up a Jen today...


My slightly battered Jen.

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