Yamaha CS-5

Yamaha CS-5 (CS5) - Dublin, Ireland.

How I got it

Here things took a change in a totally new direction - ANALOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ad had been simple. It mentioned something about a "black keyboard, £40". I rang up and was told it was old and had knobs. This fitted my then-current research descriptions of analog gear. I was told by the seller that it belonged to his brother and it had removed from the attic. After fiddling with the array of knobs (none of which I really understood) it finally produced sound. I bought it, and grew to really like it. Later I would gig with it. The CS5 is a very growly analog synth. The only thing it really lacks is a dedicated filter envelope, something I made up for by twiddling the living crap out of the cutoff knob as I played it.

Downloads - put up by me!!!

Continuing my new passion to upload some of the stuff lying around the house (like my Micromoog Schematics and extensive Minimoog Downloads), I'm pleased to introduce quality scanned reproductions of the Yamaha CS-5 manual.

Of course, no CS-5 owner actually needs the manual for this synth - it's amazingly easy synth to use. This, however, is one kitsch manual - filled with diagrams on the basics of synthesis, little pictures of guitars, a fun troubleshooting section, and some proper tech specs. Every page has some form of illustration, and page 16 has a front panel layout for storing those valuable set-ups.

The manual comes in 19 pages, including front and back covers. For your information, the second page was originally printed directly onto the back of the front cover. I've provided it online in 300dpi and 150dpi GIF files. These files, when opened, will display their dpi as 72 (a GIF thing), so they should be coverted (but NOT resampled) to 300/150dpi after downloading (using Adobe Photoshop or a similiar graphics application). GIF files are provided because they have the most efficient file size for no apparent quality loss.

I just found out that Yamaha actually have this manual online in screen resolution PDF format. You can pop over to this site and download the file from there (just do a little search), but you may want to come back here and grab my files for a better print out. The Yamaha version actually seems almost less than screen resolution. This is fine if you want a quick read, but it's certainly no match for the awesome power of my 300 dpi scans.

Download - Yamaha CS-5 Manual - 300 dpi

WARNING - THESE ARE LARGE IMAGES. CHOOSE "SAVE FILE TO DISC" TO AVOID MAKING YOUR COMPUTER CRY. (On a mac you can just hold down "alt" and click the link. Don't know what PC folk have to do....)
yamaha_cs-5_01.gif - 1900k
yamaha_cs-5_02.gif - 1700k
yamaha_cs-5_03.gif - 1400k
yamaha_cs-5_04.gif - 872k
yamaha_cs-5_05.gif - 752k
yamaha_cs-5_06.gif - 620k
yamaha_cs-5_07.gif - 600k
yamaha_cs-5_08.gif - 576k
yamaha_cs-5_09.gif - 516k
yamaha_cs-5_10.gif - 544k
yamaha_cs-5_11.gif - 544k
yamaha_cs-5_12.gif - 552k
yamaha_cs-5_13.gif - 380k
yamaha_cs-5_14.gif - 608k
yamaha_cs-5_15.gif - 716k
yamaha_cs-5_16.gif - 668k (sound memo)
yamaha_cs-5_17.gif - 476k
yamaha_cs-5_18.gif - 420k
yamaha_cs-5_19.gif - 96k

Download - Yamaha CS-5 Manual - 150 dpi

yamaha_cs-5_01.gif - 528k
yamaha_cs-5_02.gif - 408k
yamaha_cs-5_03.gif - 356k
yamaha_cs-5_04.gif - 316k
yamaha_cs-5_05.gif - 284k
yamaha_cs-5_06.gif - 236k
yamaha_cs-5_07.gif - 212k
yamaha_cs-5_08.gif - 220k
yamaha_cs-5_09.gif - 208k
yamaha_cs-5_10.gif - 224k
yamaha_cs-5_11.gif - 228k
yamaha_cs-5_12.gif - 224k
yamaha_cs-5_13.gif - 164k
yamaha_cs-5_14.gif - 244k
yamaha_cs-5_15.gif - 264k
yamaha_cs-5_16.gif - 276k (sound memo)
yamaha_cs-5_17.gif - 188k
yamaha_cs-5_18.gif - 160k
yamaha_cs-5_19.gif - 36k

Yamaha Logo in EPS format

You either care or you don't: it's the Yamaha Logo in EPS format.
Click to download - Yamaha.eps


CS-10 schematics and service manual. They should be pretty similiar to the CS-5.


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