Roland D-110

Roland D-110 D110 in Dublin Ireland

How I got it

Hmmmm. The D-110. Module version of Roland's D-10 synthesizer. I heard good things about the D-50, a linear arithmetic synth that was to the D-110 as the DX-7 was to my TX81Z. It seemed a good idea to pick up this device when it appeared in Buy & Sell.

It was in boxed new condition. The problem with the D-110 is, however, simple: crap synth. The concept behind it is excellent, lots of complex envelopes and editing possibilities, but the front panel was a headache. It had more buttons than the TX81Z, but was much harder to use, mainly due to an unfriendly internal menu system.

My D-110 found its place as a fairly useful extra sounds machine - providing some drums, some nice organs, a really beautiful warm pad preset, and some oddly pretty digital high notes. It would probably be the first to get sold in an emergency, but I don't think I'd really get that much for it.

Goodbye D-110

I sold this to the same guy who took the Micro Modular and the TX81Z.


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The D-110 is second from the bottom in the rack photos below.

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