Yamaha AN1X

Yamaha AN1X. In Dublin, Ireland.

How I got it

Before I got to play it, I developed a dislike for this synth. It reminded me of the Yamaha CS1X (a GM based machine with knobs and extra sounds). Both machines shared the same case layout. Then I got stuck in work with one, eventually deciding to fiddle around. After I got past the absolute WORST set of preset sounds in the world, I realised that it was the best non-analog synth I had played.

So I brought home the manual, learnt how it worked, then rented one out for some studio stuff we were doing at the time. The AN1X, despite not being very pretty, is capable of precisely imitating analogue synthesizers through its numerous envelopes, filter types and waveform options.

So now I love the AN1X. I still think it looks a little whiz and I wish the knobs had a less "steps", but it's the most powerfull and flexible synth I have.

Goodbye AN1X

Perfectly good synth. I sold it because I didn't want it anymore.


Here's a special treat for folks who are into this kind of thing: the Yamaha Logo in EPS format for use in Adobe Illustrator and other vector based applications.
Click to download - Yamaha.eps


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