Korg DSS-1

Korg DSS-1, DSS1. Dublin Ireland user...

How I got it

The Korg DSS-1. This had to come all the way from Maynooth. It's also the biggest keyboard I own and it weighs a tonne. Essentially it's a sampler, but a crap sampler. It also has a synth section, which uses digital waveforms (that you can draw yourself) passed through a real analog VCF. This makes it a truly excellent polysynth, but still a crap sampler. The interface is brilliant, synth sounds produced are fantastically unique, and it's been broken for years. Yes, the DSS-1 would win the award for my heaviest and least reliable synth (disc drives - fricking disc drives). It's also one of my best. I'll get it fixed when I can buy a car to get it to the repair guy, who'll remember it with a fond profiting smile from the last visit.

2004 - flogged it broken and cheap to a guy who worked in Tower Records.


Discs and sounds:
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