Alesis DM-5

Alesis DM-5 DM5. In Dublin, Ireland

How I got it

This was just utilitarian. I bought this percussion module at a discount from the shop I worked in. It has good drum sounds (not fantastic - just good), and that was what I needed.
I still use it for any percussion I do, even though the sounds are now slightly dated. The interface is nice, but the data wheel lacks precision and can sometimes irritate (my only gripe).

I should really mention that it also has microphone inputs that trigger the drum sounds and pass midi data to other midi devices. A handy little feature indeed.....

Goodbye DM-5

I sold this to Dr. J for a rather low amount of money.
He hooked it up to the drum pad thingy he got last christmas from Sheena.
Hi Sheena.


Harmony Central Review - Alesis DM-5


Wow. The Alesis Logo in EPS format.


The DM-5 is second from the top in the rack photos below.

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