Yamaha TX81Z

TX81Z Dublin Ireland

How I got it

Thus began a habit? I bought another module secondhand. By this stage I was doing research into synths no longer available in the shops, but which were turning up in Buy & Sell. This was still pre-internet and I had no real source of info except magazines (slow to educate) and a couple of people capable of giving vague pointers. I knew the TX81Z was of the same lineage as the DX-7 so I thought it would be worth a go. It was.

This synth is bonkers. My SC-50 was doing basic sounds - this sat on top spazzing away with its odd contributions. I found programming easy (owned the manual). The synth's logical internal layout was good. The sonic possibilities were quite endless. Of course, I rarely touch it now (through no fault of its own), but this was one hell of a bang for the buck.

Goodbye TX81Z

I sold it. No real reason.


Here's a special treat for folks who are into this kind of thing: it's the Yamaha Logo in EPS format for use in Adobe Illustrator and other vector based applications.
Click to download - Yamaha.eps


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The TX81Z is on the bottom of the rack.

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