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Dublin Photos - welcome to the main city section. Currently featuring 1883 photos of Dublin City and all it’s stuff, this section is the one that should really let you know what living in my part of Dublin looks like most of the time. Some shots may be useful and amusing, other shots may only serve to give a balance of what is seen and unseen. As with all the other sections, photos are unplanned, and arranged in a semi-chaotic alphabetical order. You may find what you want, you may have to use the search feature, or you may have to browse through the thumbnails, hopefully getting distracted along the way. I’m happy with it like this, and always wanted a site where sometimes you don’t really know where exactly you are. So have fun, waste time, and don’t forget to look at the Composites, Aerial, People and Shops sections.

(ps - this isn't everything. the last 383 fjp city images were uploaded without thumbnails.
look at them in web directories - small or big sizes.)


We start out with a grim/quaint trip down Dublin's alleys.
Worth a look, but sometimes kind of grim.
A 2

More alleys, apartments, amusements and other stuff.
Anchors in the Liffey.

Lots of different stuff.
From Baggot Street to Ballinteer and Ballymun.
B 1

The Abandoned Pools at Blackrock.
Visit their derelict splendour.
B 2

From the Boardwalk to the start of the Bridge Features.
And other shots too....
B 3

Bridges over the Liffey.
A nice selection of Dublin Buildings.
B 4

More of Dublin's Best Buildings,
from O'Connell Street Landmarks to the the Eager Beaver
B 5

Even more Buildings, some Burger King.
Photos of the Burton Building on Dame Street.

Busses, Buildings, Butchers.
Cafes, Canals and Cars (which means anything wheeled).
C 2

Full into the "Car" content.
This means anything wheeled, including trucks, cranes, etc....
C 3

Cars, campers, coaches.
The Ka and the shiney red things.
C 4

More cars and a nice old volkswagen beetle.
A Carlton Cinema and a Carnegie Library.
C 5

The Central Bank.
This is required looking.
C 6

More Central Bank.
Christchurch, Chimneys and Christian Missions.
C 7

From Churches and Cathedrals
to the Clarence Hotel.
C 8

College Green, dead Columbia/EMI buildings.
Lots of nice shots of construction work.
C 9

The construction continues.
Curved Street and the Customs House.

Dame Street, Deerpark and the Dodder.
Dempseys Music Salon. The lost Dolphin Hotel.

Dun Laoghaire.
Eccles Street and the Egg Depot. Escalators in the dark...

Fire Engines, Fire Exits and FCUK.
The Four Courts and the Future House.

GAS Building.
Art Deco genius lost on D'Olier Street.
G 2

The Gardai (Police).
South Great Georges Street and more.
G 3

Georgian Buildings and Doors
Some nice, some dead.
G 4

More Georgian Buildings.
From Harcourt Street to Mountjoy Square...
G 5

The last of the Georgians.
From Henrietta Street to Leeson Street.
G 6

Ghostshops and Ghostsigns.
A hidden history of lost plans and decay.
G 7

More Ghostsigns.
You'll notice them next time you're in town.

Grafton Street, the Government, and the GPO.
Glass Bricks and the Grand Canal Docks.
H 2

The Ha'Penny Bridge restoration photos.
How does it look now?
H 3

The Ha'Penny Bridge Crane incident.
Crane in the Liffey.

The "Heinekan" Building on O'Connell Bridge.
Art Decor Buildings in Blanchardstown. And More!!!

Liberty Hall, Graves on Jervis Street, Crap in the Liffey.
Killiney and Burdocks.
L 2

Liffey Fish, Litter and Lillies.
Louis Copeland painted on walls.
Liberty 1

Liberty Hall. Compulsive views from the top of Ireland's
Number One cloud-scraper...
Liberty 2

There are actually 98 Liberty Hall photos, so here's
the second page.
Liberty 3

And the final set of Liberty Hall photos.
Finishing off with a look at the stair wells.

The M50 Needle. The Mater Hospital.
McGonagles and the Meat Factory - Meeting House Square.
M 2

Hail the Millennium Bridge.
Lots of other small odd pictures...

Hello Morrison Hotel, Mount Anville and Mount Merrion
The Nine Arches and the Northbrook Clinic.
O 2

O'Connell Street. O'Connell Bridge. O'Connell Monument.

Old Buildings waiting to die. The Olympia Theatre.
Ormond Quay in Summer.
P 2

Pearse Street and the Pigeon House.
Massive Copper Domes and Phones...

Powerscourt and Pravda. Pubs and Chippers.
Rathmines and Ranelagh too.

Roads and Rain. Scooters.
The Radisson Hotel when it was empty Saint Helen's.
S 2

The Screen Cinema marks its spot.
Shops and Ships. Nuzum Brothers on Pearse Street.
S 3

Signs, signs, signs, signs, signs,
Required looking for those with brain.
S 4

More Signs.
Signs are good.
S 5

Photos of the Sky.
This is what you'd see if you looked hard.
S 6

More sky photos.
But you have already looked at the others. Right?
S 7

Smithfield, Solar Panels, South Anne Street crumbles.
The Stag's Head, Stephen's Green, Saint Anne's School for Girls.
S 8

Stations and Statues. The Stella Cinema near Ed's.
Stephen's green and Stores are Born.
S 9

Stillorgan Shopping Centre and Stillorgan Reservoir.
Come here to drown.

Swans on the Liffey. Take-away food.
Trinity College and Three Rock Mountain.

Little pictures, the Wellington Monument.
Wicklow Street , York Street, Xerox copying in town.....
Don't forget that this isn't everything. The last 383 fjp city images were uploaded without thumbnails. Look at them in web directories - small or big sizes.

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