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About the Directories.

The last 800 fjp photos were the final contents of my "waiting" folder (processed and named images). There are another 734 unprocessed and unnamed images in the "sorting" folder (now renamed "dead").

These last 800 photos were not uploaded like the other fjp images, but were placed in web directories. Web directories have no thumbnails, no text, no buttons, no frills of any sort. Click the file name and you'll see the picture. Click your browser's back button to return to the directory - that's it.

Of course, this is perhaps the most user-unfriendly method of uploading data,
but it's what I've decided to do. Reasons why:

1. I'm gone. I don't want to do any more, so I won't.
2. This way you'll probably never "beat "my site by seeing it all.

the last directories / number of images:

master directory
apple (008)
blurred (048)
catsdogs (048)
city (363)
country (033)
dundrum (026)
misc (063)
people (180)
shops (016)
snow (000)

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