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This new fjp section consists of no new fantasyjackpalance photos. Instead, you will be looking at photos collected by Ken Finlay, who runs Dublin's leading online History Resource (click here). In March of this year (02), Ken lent me a substantial number of photos from his collection. They were scanned, given the usual fjp treatment, and are presented here in preview, "quick look", and 200k download sizes. I'd also like to thank Ken for having such a comprehensive library of images in the first place, and for allowing me to use a selection of them on my site.

The photos are split into three sections:

Aerial - Aerial Photos of Dublin taken in the 1980s. It's scary stuff for folks of any age.....
History - Fascinating photos showing Dublin in the early 20th Century....
Others - Photos that don't fit into my Aerial or History definition....

You can move between the sections using the navigation feature in the top left corner of the page.

Please note - whereas most photos on are susceptible to the usage guidelines explained in the "use a photo" section, this collection is different. Some photos were taken by Ken, and they're clearly credited to him. However, the majority of these photos are uncredited, and are either copyrighted to an unknown third party, or have perhaps passed into the public realm. We have put these photos online in a non-profit publicly beneficial environment, and any unintentional infringement of copyright is regretted and will be rectified on demand. If you choose to use one of these photos on another website, please remember that you do so at your own risk. And if you do use one of these images elsewhere, please don't be shy about including fantasyjackpalance photos or ken's site in your links page. A lot of work was involved in getting this resource online, and link backs are greatly appreciated.

The Ken Finlay Collection photographs are copyright material, please do not use them lightly. Read this page fully for more information.
All other images on are copyright 2002. See the "use a photo" section for more information.