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The difficult section. First, please read the following two points:

1. All photos and media at or originating from are strictly copyright 2001-2003 unless otherwise stated. No photo or any part of a photo can be reproduced in any media, including, but not limited to, web, print, e-mail, FTP, public display or public broadcast without the express permission of

2. The last paragraph was the legal bit. I will always try to allow my photographs to be used within reason, with the exception of the People section (read this please). If you're a non-profit kind of thing, you can pretty much just go ahead, otherwise please just ask me and you probably won't be disappointed. I will rarely, if ever, ask for anything greater than a credit or a link in return. FJP Photos is an online resource that intends to benefit others. I don't expect to make any money from it. I'd like the images to be useful to people in an informative as well as a creative medium. Whatever your idea or request, just ask.

so send your mails to me here.

Now that I've done that bit, here are some guidelines on how it should all work and what to do:

Personal/Non Profit/Student use of images

Do you want to use an image as part of a personal web-page, non-profit web-page, student project, or other non-profit media? Well this is one of the main reasons that this site exists. Feel free to work on the images you download, but don't forget to drop me a line letting me know how you get on. I'll link to all sites that use FJP images (if this ever happens), which will help improve your search engine rankings and make everyone happier. My only request is that you refrain from using images from the "People" section, where permission to use an image strictly depends on the photo (read this to find out why).

All I ask in return is that you give me a nice link or suitable text credit. Not a stupid banner ad or anything dumb like that, but if you have a links page a mention would certainly be appropriate. If you don't have a links page then please do your best to spread the word about FJP. (FJP Warning - all images remain the copyrighted property of so you can't go selling them on for loads of money or free food)

Profitable Organisation/Company/Designer Use

You folks have money, so this is different.
And anything that doesn't fall into the non-profit/personal category falls into this one (please read on).

Firstly, to be within copyright law, you will have to get clearance from me before using or presenting any FJP copyright images in any form of media. That means you have to mail me and I have to say OK, which I think is pretty reasonable.

Generally I'll say yes to such requests, because I want this to be a useful web-site. Regarding renumaration: I'm not greedy. A link or credit should be fine. If that's inappropriate (a link to FJP on your client's page - like hell) then as ever, just tell your friends. Under some circumstances I might ask for money, but you'd have to be a fairly big fish to bother me that much...

So once again, please remember that using a photo without my permission is a copyright infringement. And using a photo in a professional context without my permission will result in letters from my Solicitor friends. All you have to do is ask.

Restrictions on the use of photos from the People section.

The main purpose of the People section is simple: to give an idea of what Irish people actually look like. Although all the photos in this section were taken in public places, there have been very few instances where I’ve actually photographed a person with their full consent. For this reason I intentionally avoid publishing photographs in this section that would show the subject in a poor light. Furthermore, in their current context, surrounded by many other similar photos of individuals, buildings and streets, they are part of a larger overall picture and idea. Remove them from this context and the meaning of a simple frame can be changed dramatically.

For these reasons I will never allow images from the People Section that display a recognisable individual or group to be used or referenced outside the context of If you have some idea that involves using an image in an unrecognisable way, mail me and I’ll let you know.

Need bigger file sizes???

All images on FJP have been shrunk or compressed from the original image. If you want an original image please mail me saying what photo you'd like (just copy and paste the address or name of the photo) and why you want it (personal use, other reason etc). Although this may seem like a lot of trouble, it really isn't. I'll reply to your mail as soon as I get it. Multiple photos are no big deal either. And rest assured that your e-mail address will remain strictly confidential. You won't receive any unsolicited mails from FJP, nor will your address be sold on one of those evil spam lists.

NOTE - files sizes are generally only about 1280 x 960 pixels. This actually comes out ok for most print applications. An fjp photo has been printed on an A4 glossy magazine cover (and it looked pretty good).


I just had to put this in. Are you unfeasibly wealthy??? Did you enjoy the site??? Then why not just buy me a new Digital Camera. It'll mean better photos for everyone, higher resolution originals, and make FJP one seriously happy camper. You could always just give the money to charity instead, or you could just do both!!! My fingers are crossed, mail me.

So apologies for all the text, and have fun!!!

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