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This isn't just a section showing countless shop facades. Here you'll find images of shop interiors and window displays, generally taken at night. This section came about because I kept taking photos of the insides of closed shops and they kept looking nice. Most images aren't what you'd expect, and this section is well worth a look.

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bank of ireland corridor
barbers dun laoghaire
blue lights 1
blue lights 2
blue lights 3
blue shop night
bt mirrors
butchers empty
dress karen millen
dry cleaner contents
dummies a-wear
dummies bt2 graffiti
dummies grafton street
dummies green
dummies invert
dummies marble black
dummies naked close
dummies naked mid
dummies plastic
dummies smart
dummies square red
dummies temple bar
dummy dressing gown
dummy girl 1
dummy girl 2
dummy girl 3
dummy girl 4
dummy girl 5
dummy girl red

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