There's an fjp image you want to send, but it's not amongst my current poscards.

This page will help you send any regular fjp image, with the exception of images from the People Section. For reasons explained here, the postcard function has been denied access to images from the People Section.

This is a slightly technical task. Experienced web users should find it a breeze,
new web users should enjoy something a little different...

01 Find the fjp page containing the image you want to use.
I recommend doing this in a new browser window.
02 Next, click on the "get a larger image" arrow, and as soon as the image begins to load, press your browser's "STOP" button. You don't need to wait for the images to load for what you're going to do next.
03 Copy the entire address of the image ( from the address bar and paste it into the box below. But DON'T press "submit" just yet...
04 Two more things to do. First, look at the address you pasted into the box. Just before the end it will say "002" or "a002" or "b002" or something like that. Change the "2" in the "002" to a "1" (so it's "001").
05 Finally, delete the first part of the address right up until it says "fjp/" and replace it with "../../" (crazy, I know)


06 Press the "submit" button.
You should the photo you chose looking just like a regular fjp postcard.
07 If you don't see the photo you chose, press your browser's "back" button and check to see if you've made a mistake (coz I swear it works).
When you're ready, enter the adress of the image here:

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