Thanks for reading, and welcome again to my postcard page.

If you're here, it's either because you're genuinely concerned about
divulging your email address, or you just want to hear some
more of my bizarre fancy talk...

My Privacy Statement:

01 I hate spammers. I wish they would all die and go to hell.
02 There is no way on earth I’d ever pass on addresses.
03 I can’t anyway. All the addresses are tied up in a weird complex database on my server.
04 Good point – the database is on MY SERVER. Not someone else’s (free) server, so nobody else can access them either.
05 Yes - I can get some info out of the database. Like how many cards are sent using each of the images (useful).
06 But no – I won’t ever be seeing your address, your message, or anything like that.
07 And no, you won’t EVER get added to some list I might make in the future.
08 No – I won’t change my mind on this.
09 And anyway, I still can’t access the addresses.
10 Finally - No, you can’t get a virus from the cards. All they do it send a link, and the link is just a page showing your image and your message (pulled from the database).

So hopefully that sums things up. And if you’ve ever been involved in bulk e-mail marketing, I want you to know that I hate you, and the rest of the internet hates you too.


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