Monday 6th June 2005
The Olympia Theatre

beck olympia 2005


I went on my own. Once there I ran into some other people.
Sold my spare ticket at face value to some random tall french guy.
He was confused by the transaction.

Went inside and stood behind some people at the second security bar.
Support was just starting. Not the best support in the world.
Arty, but not good enough to back up the artiness (like watching the chalets on tv again - meow).

A while later the people I sort of knew showed up.
Turned out they knew the people I had chosen to stand behind.
Some kind of introductions were made.
I swapped out with phil and stood to the side.
I plotted my route to the metal bar.

Beck eventually came on.
Him, two drummers, keys, programmer guy, bass, guitars, lots of stuff.
Lots of guys. They got into it straight away.

Well, it probably wasn't the best Beck gig ever. Not his fault though.
There was a crazy sound issue for the first half of the gig.
The subs were distorting, making it really hard to hear everything on top.
When it was fixed the stuff sounded great.
Also - the crowd was way too tame (not the case at Weezer).
I guess they were just sort of mature or something, but not in a good way (pseudo-beyonce dancing etc).
The girls on my left talked most of the way through the quiet set.
I wished they would shut up and let him sing, but they didn't...

It’s still nice to see Beck. And his quiet set was so so lush.
There was the dinner table thing that I'm sure everybody loved (band sat around table percussin').
I just have a thing for when he does the acoustic stuff. That guy is very very good with just an acoustic.
Shame I typed up the full acoustic Beck gig in such a weird manner.

Let's see. That's about it really.
I'm probably making it sound very ordinary, but this is just in comparison to his truly extraordinary gigs.
Perhaps I've been overexposed to excellent bands.

There was an encore with the white light suits from The Point gig (check the old video link).
Then he left. It's all faded away into my stupid grey matter. Hmm. It really has faded away.
Last night was Weezer and I'm still preoccupied by the quiet genius of Rivers Cuomo.
You should read my Weezer thing for comparison. I'm gonna type it when I finish The Kills bit.

Straight after Beck I split the Olympia and headed to the Music Centre for The Kills.
This was all part of some Budweiser Music Festival.
I don't drink beer.

Any random thoughts? Come on brain, come on.
Nah. It was a good gig. Lame crowd though...

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