Thursday 1st May 2003
The Ambassador Theatre

beck dublin


In the "about" section I wrote something that was my then-tired opinion.
I wrote it in favour of waiting for a less tired opinion, and now I'm going to do it again.

(it occurred to me during Beck that I was watching him backwards)

We left in a hurry after waiting by the stage for a little while.
Coats were got, and I wanted to hop the last bus and get out (of somewhere).
I ran away from Dave Beard and M - we had lost Dr. J somewhere in the crowd.

Beck was luscious. It's hard to notice this with his band, but tonight he did more than I expected.
We weren't that close to the stage, but close enough to pick out the details.
I found myself looking at giant moving pictures.

There were four of us - Dr. J, Dave Beard, his lady M, and me.
Some evil friend of Burnsy's tagged along for a while then left half way through.
So it was four.
We met and had pancakes beforehand, commenting on how the waiter guy looked like Dave Grohl.

So now I'm in Ranelagh.
Now I'm passing where I went to school.
There's a couple standing at a bus stop.

I'm not looking forward to the next four days.

(and here's beck in the point - amazing)

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