Tuesday 7th June 2005
Vicar Street

weezer dublin


Damn. This was what gigs are all about. One of the best.

Nearly didn't get tickets coz ticketmaster still have issues with high demand concerts. Ended up with two standing tickets. I was chuffed. Then I noticed they were standing balcony. No good. Managed to get a tout to swop me a real standing ticket plus thirty euro for my spare. No money lost and the ticket I wanted. Would have preferred non-tout interaction but I just wanted to get in.

Got in. Thirsty. Had a vodka and a glass of water before being admitted to the stage area. Was there on my own again coz nobody else I know likes Weezer. Except Alabama Girl (in Alabama) and Dr J (in London). Everyone else is scared of heavy guitars or has issues with Buddy Holly.

Support were good. English trio. Played fast.

When they cleared the support gear I fully understood my position. Front row on the security bar (after a little manipulative hand/elbow/body placement). Brian Bell would be about eight feet in front of me. Rivers would be a bit to my right, maybe ten or twelve feet away. This was as close as close could be. Almost uncomfortably close.

They came out. Venue was full by this stage. No secondary security bar so it was one crowd all the way to the front. People were up for it (big understatement).

I've never seen Weezer before.
This will be difficult to describe.
The visual centre of attention was Mr. Cuomo.
He wore a red Gibson SG, which he played very gently.
He was the most tranquil and ethereal person I have ever seen.

The gig played through. Sound was fantastic, though I was too far forward to really get the main PA output. The guitar amps of Rivers and Brian sat facing me. I was listening to them first hand. They obviously sounded quite good.

Everything else was pretty much perfect. They opened with 'Tired of Sex' from Pinkerton, and the gig quickly descended into a wonderfully sweaty crush. At the end a slow rain of crowd surfers tumbled over us. Some hit hard and were probably hurt. All seemed quite pleased. I eventually pushed hard to my right and let a girl through to the bar. It would have happened sooner but they weren't asking (girls - you should always ask). This one had been wetly plastered to my back most of the night. She was still only admitted to my non-Rivers side (complex limits to my "politeness").

Anyway. One of the best gigs I've been to. A quiet genius band with a violent screaming singing crowd. Rivers quietly walking and standing on the stage. I went home and looked at album covers. I tried to connect all the photos with what I'd just seen.

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