The Kills
Monday 6th June 2005
Temple Bar Music Centre

kills dublin

The Kills

I don't know The Kills.
I think I went coz it was The Kills and I was tempted to do a gig straight after Beck.
Restlessness and a desire for three gigs in two days.
All good reasons as far as I'm concerned.

I legged it from the Olympia to the Death Washed Walls of the Temple Bar Music Centre.

It seems The Kills did something slightly similar.
They came on just after I arrived.
The guy who bought my spare ticket said he saw them at Beck.

The Music Centre was reasonably full, the atmosphere exceedingly dark and weird.
The atmosphere in the Music Centre is always a bit dark and weird.
This was more than usual. Crowd seemed edgy.
If an audience could keep to themselves as an entity, this audience would have kept to themselves.

The Kills suited the atmoshere well. They played a concise set.
Sounded like their records (shock), but records don't have strobe lights and smoke machines.
They looked good. They did the tense stuff well. The appearence of conflict helps.

I split straight afterwards. Met Doreen in the Front Lounge. Then I fkd off home.

Weezer "tomorrow".

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