construction georges quay

Nov 2002: Georges Quay Towers from Liberty Hall: 24 - 25 - 28 - 35 - 36 - 38 - 41 - 64 - 65 - 72 - 74
Older shots: 1 - 2 - 3

No. They don't the slightest bit like a tiny version of Canary Wharf. Sadly, no-one in Ireland is allowed to build any seriously tall buildings (except churches). Why??? Because the people in charge are idiots (although the people who would design such buildings might also be idiots, hence the danger....).

ok - they've actually finished this now, and I have to say it turned out really nicely. The tops look like Canary Wharf, but the towers cluster together very nicely to give quite an individual effect (which looks different depending on where you're standing). I still reckon we should be allowed to build taller, because in a city that's running out of space and has bad transport infrastructure, building tall seems spastically obvious. I've fantastic shots of this taken from Liberty Hall so mail me if you need them. They'll go online when the whole Liberty Hall session is ready.

Update feb 2002: wow. I actually wrote that??? harsh...
Here's the construction from across the Liffey.

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