Joan as Police Woman
Sunday 15th April 2007

joan as police woman

Joan as Police Woman - again. This time I was in the RC with Emma.
We were on a bus back, moving slowly. I dropped my bag in work.
We met in Solas for a pizza cooked in under eight minutes. We missed support.
Waiting outside I noticed that other waiting persons were "polite".
This politeness allowed us to walk right up the front with five minutes to spare.

Dr. J went to see her in London a few days earlier*.

Joan came on. She gazed distractedly as the crowd. Talked a little.
Seemed very happy again. Joked. The crowd were friendly back.
It was smiling Joan in shorts and socks and white white shoes.

My second time in Tripod.
The last time was for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

It seems Tripod has bad sound. Joan did her best, but everything I got was crazy bass and very unclear.
The Village was crystal clear. Tripod is newer, but maybe they just don't cater for quality sound.
The air conditioning was deafening for the quiet songs. It's a strange venue, but at least it didn't smell any more.

This was still a good gig. The crowd was a little strange. Sort of Cafe Bar Deli in places.
The quiet majority was fine, but there were noisy people criticising other noisy people.
Then they all got pissy and the short girl started dancing like she was at Justin Timberlake.
This was somewhat entertaining, but it distracted from the Joaning.

So Joan played the Rhodes, which fought back with Joan.
Rainy wore a dark dark suit. Ben played drums.
They're a nice band unit. It feels like they're quiet friends.
Rainy played her Mustang Bass.
Joan played the soft old Guild that needed a lot of tuning.
The singing was all good. Everyone was in good form.
The guy filmed Joan with the little silver camera and then filmed more outside afterwards.
Maybe I'll catch a glimpse of something somewhere.

Afterwards we went to a pub.
My back was creaky.
The GAA fans stared at me.
We took it easy and went back to Merton.

Next should be a repeat of Au Revoir Simone, but I'll be in Tunisia.
I'm listening to them now.
Then there's some Cat Power, which is rare.
Cat power is in tripod again - oops.

Dr J's Picture is below.
Note - that is Dr J.
Though I got a setlist too.

Here's my setlist:

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