Au Revoir Simone
Wednesday 28th February

au revoir simone

Au Revoir Simone might be my new favourite band. Various internet pieces familiarised me with the name. The ticket website told me they would play here. I went for it based on the quality of songs like "Fallen Snow". The new record is out March 5th, but I used the bad Russians to get me a preview. I'll buy the real thing when it makes it to the stores. The Russians don't play fair with bands...

Went to Whelan's quite early. There were precious few people. I lurked at the back for a while then lurked at the tables by the front. I didn't intend to stand at the front, but sitting on the tables was comfy.

Support came on. An Irish band. Synthy, but the wrong synths, or else synths without the right settings. They were almost good, but I know my synths. Very neat trousers though. Au Revoir Simone's Juno 60 stood on the stage behind them, waiting to demonstrate what the right synth sounds like.

I met Darren McCreesh. He's very nice, and very good with his music. He's also very active - he brings in bands and does stuff.

The girls came out. They moved their gear into place. There was crouching down to plug things in - it brought me back to when I played synths and crouched down to plug things in. At this stage I didn't know their names. I knew the records (mainly 'Bird of Music'), but had paid minimal attention to the information contained in the CD booklet of 'Versus of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation'. They stood in front of me*; a very gentle girl, a taller girl, a very happy girl. I was right up the front, trying my best to look slightly friendly. Some folks were there from work, but they were a little further back.

Musically it was a match for the record. The vocals sounded great, as did the keys. The drum machine was operated beautifully. I liked the drum machine, the little Glockenspiel, the little wooden devices, the well made sounds from the Korg and the Rolands. The Nord was deep and rich, and the strange white device sounded great, though I have no idea what it was. The girls seemed to be enjoying themselves, although they came across as slightly shy (with the exception of the happy one).

There was a brief encore. The performance was a perfect length. It had a different feel to other concerts, taking charge of a small venue and modestly presenting very good music. Afterwards they sold seven inch singles and EPs by the door. There was a queue, so I waited a while before wandering back. I'm too quiet with strangers, but Heather introduced herself and we shook hands. A few words drifted back and forth and I left with a little record (Fallen Snow). They signed the disc. In person they were prettier than on stage, prettier again than the photos currently wandering around the net. I went back to my work colleagues. I left shortly after.

Here's their myspace page from now (28.2.07). A little photo of the web...

* Left to right: Heather, Erika, Annie
** The next morning there was a tiny infant on the train called Heather
*** The next morning I wore my new coat from the weekend before in Belfast
**** I should really do something this weekend

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