Joan as Police Woman
Saturday 9th December 2006
The Village

joan as police woman

Joan as Police Woman. Should the "as" be in caps?
All uppercase would be ideal, but that could look strange in context.
Go to her site to see true text.

I initially saw this listed on TicketBastard. The name caught my eye. Cynical me researched a little, but decided against attendance. Then I saw the posters around town. The name was great, but I still didn't seem to be going. How strange. Then Dr. J recommended her, and I listened to a few tracks on the webby thingy. It seemed good, so I bought the tickets. I then noticed Dr. J had (somehow) provided me with the full record to listen to. I listened to it and looked forward to going.

Went along with Emma. Arrived just in time to miss support. Leant against a wall waiting for the appropriate time to move away from the wall. The Village was smaller than I remembered it. It's a long room, but the "dance floor" in front of the stage is quite compact.

Joan Wasser came out around nine. The soundgirl had flashed her torch a few times, thus giving the game away. Ms. Wasser was tall and intense. She said a quiet hello, there were some smiles and general happiness, she played her first few songs sitting at a Rhodes piano. It was good from the start. She decided that the security guy didn't need to be so concerned with the people at the front. She spoke nicely with him, everyone was interested, then we all took two happy steps forward. If only more bands/crowds took interest in influencing venue policies.

There was banter too.
Joan likes Dublin.
Town was busy.

Joan was joined by Rainy (bass) and Ben (drums). This was the three piece.
Joan remained at the piano initially, but moved to a lovely old Guild electric shortly after.
The three piece was good. The electric guitar was great.

The gig played through. I'd managed two or three listens of the album. I recognised enough songs to enjoy it more than a first listen. We were dead centre about three people back. The view was great. The sound was better than I thought it would be. The vocals were fantastic - I didn't expect her to be such a good singer. Shame on my expectations. There was an encore, made to include Enda's request. At the end of the encore she went away, the lights came up, and I forgot to buy the record. Now I shall have to use the internet. Or, maybe, a record shop*.

We left the village and went into Solas. We left Solas and went to the Arcade Building on Fade Street. We left Fade Street and went to Drumcondra. We left Drumcondra and went back to Merton. Lots of things happened between the leavings - girls talked in bars, texts were sent, I leaned out windows, got tours, got taxis, ate roses, drank pears, sat in a tent, was in photos, took photos, threw biscuits, looked for shoes, looked for keys, poured beer, got stuck behind gates, fixed a slightly hurt bush. It was a busy night.

Joan was very good.

I found some photos on the Joan site - saturday looked just like the first photo.
here's a directory with the shots at print res.
they're unusual shots, perhaps because some haven't been photoshopped.

* I used Tower. Picture framing is expensive.

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