Thursday 24th August 2006
Marlay Park

beck marlay park

Beck in Marlay Park. Followed by Radiohead.
I wasn't interested in this. I went to Nude for lunch.
A newspaper advert told me Beck would support.
I left Nude, walked to Sound Cellar.
Left Sound Cellar, got some money out.
Went back to Sound Cellar, bought my tickets.

Headed home early from work. Early meant quarter to five. Waited for Emma.
Got a cheesburger, took it easy for a bit, cycled over to Marlay. I live near Marlay.
I heard the Dandy Warhols playing when I cut my grass. I could hear Morrissey as I sat on the couch.

We arrived. The bicycles were locked to a post.
I hid my tiny bottle of whiskey. They searched me. They didn't find it.

Beck started a little while later. We weren't prepared. The "mosh pit" in Marlay is too large, so there's no point in trying once you don't get in. We took it easy and focused as best we could. Beck had the puppets I saw on the internet. They did the thing with the percussion and the table again. I couldn't figure out if it was Justin on bass. I think it was. The internet isn't really telling me, but I think it was him. This caused me some confusion on the day...

I'm typing this with the Beck site in the background.
It's streaming quite a lot of music.

Beck was good. Dave Beard said hello to me then disappeared. There were puppets, the dancing guy, the sharp sound of layered drums, Beck's little black Silvertone guitar, Beck's hat, Justin's hair. They played old songs and new songs. It was a nice show. Always good to see Beck. At the end there was a little puppet movie. It sort of freaked me that Beck was messing around Marlay Park whilst I was at work. Too close to home...

They left the stage. I strained to see them disappear into the clutter.
A little too far away to really track everything.

Afterwards we hooked up with Phil and Maire, Niceone, et al. They all seemed in good form. Off to the industrial Beer Tent we went (one line creating, the front line serving). I chickened out when the crowds thickened. Hung out with Maire 'til Emma and Pip came back. We slowly moved forward and got ready for Radiohead.

They came on after a bit. It was more fun than the Olympia show. The sound was good (the bass was strong), they had evil screens. I should probably have some video content like everyone else on the web. Instead I'll stick with my retro text. Text is good practice. Carrying a camera at a concert is annoying.

They played lots of nice songs. We jumped up and down during one. I gave some guys my last piece of beer, later one tried to pee in a cup. He hit my leg by mistake. It was all very friendly. The beer got to me as well - I went for a big walk all the way out. Then walked all the way back in again. It was strange walking through a tightly packed crowd in the semi-darkness.

I wore my black shirt and kept the collar up for warmth.

Radiohead went away.
Emma was waiting by the bicycles.
We walked a bit, then gave Phil and Maire some slightly dangerous "backers" home.

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