Wednesday 2nd October 2002
The Ambassador Theatre

morrissey dublin

Oh. It turned out that our tickets were unreserved seating - we were to be on the first (and only) balcony level of the Ambassador Theatre. The view turned out to be ok, with the safety bar at the balcony edge being the only real intrusion.

Support were Sack, who I'm just not very fond of (sorry Sack). There was another support, but we missed them. The wait for the main show was easily passed thanks to the aforementioned seats.

Morrissey came on. I don't really know Morrissey (I'm only familiar with a few of his tunes), but I've been getting handy at appreciating unknown live acts so this wasn't really a problem. It's just that I wasn't prepared for him being "slightly bonkers" (in a good way, of course).

With the perspective of a stranger at his performance, I sat and watched him stagger around the stage, gesturing quite frequently, and adding lots of extra bits of words/random notes to the end of each line. I was already aware of the slightly "rambling" nature of some melodies, but it's interesting to see and hear it first hand. The music followed the track of the vocals, but was coated with sugary guitar chorus effects and a healthy dose of snare reverb. The drummer had a frickin' massive gong behind him .

Anyhoo, that's about it. although I should probably mention that the downstairs crowd seemed to be going spastic for most of the gig. We left the Ambassador as promptly as Morrissey had left the stage. A fast but nasty McDonalds was ingested, then I ran out of time and hopped the last bus home.

I reckon Supergrass will be a lot better.

ps - Dr. J was there too.

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