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I only know one big city, and that's London. Someday I'll go to New York, but I don't know when. In the meantime, here are three sets of photos from three separate visits to London. The first set was photographed using a regular 35mm camera, and the second using my digital camera (have a look at the cameras section for more info). the third set was also digital, and shows my visit in December/January 2002/2003.

Please bear in mind that set one was designed pre FJP as a seperate mini-site, so it's kind of bizarre. Set two is more recent, and although the layout is different to the rest of FJP, the option of getting a large version of the photo in question is implemented fully. Set three is functional and less arty (based on the Postcards layout with the Portugal backend). It was the final element before fjp photos was closed in April 03, and is generally a more depressing experience.

Hope you like them.




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