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There is an Ireland outside Dublin, and this relatively small selection of photos is all have to represent it. Taken over three or four different trips, I stuck to my usual haphazard method of photographing whatever vague sights interested me. The result is a casually unbalanced collection of images that gives some vague hint of the rest of my country. I think it's better than nothing, but I'm not too sure...

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telegraph poles
train near curragh
trees lough derg 1
trees lough derg 2
trees lough derg 3
trees lough derg 4
trees lough derg 5
trees lough derg 6
trees lough derg 7
trees lough derg 8
trees lough derg 9
ugly house
video sheep god
village empty 1
waterfall 1
waterfall 2
watertower 1
watertower 2
watertower 3
watertower 4
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