Broken Social Scene
Thursday 18th May 2006
Vicar Street

broken social scene

Broken Social Scene at Vicar Street.
I'm writing this eleven days late.

I went along with emma.
We popped into Lidl on the way to the gig.
Hot cross buns and sweets.

Pretty much walked straight into the front row.
A line of smaller people - easily overlooked.
This venue I shall forever associate with:

1) Weezer
2) Myself and Liam started a chorus - two girls jumped.

Recollection is a little faded on this already. Shame.
The band came on - everyone was happy.
There were two drummers. The sound was great.
People walked around the stage. People came and went.
It was eleven strong at one point. Nice guitars.
The chunky old electrics fuzzing away.
There were trumpets, trombones, small trumpets, small trombones
The brass sounded wonderful and rare.
Andy played guitar to my left.

They played a long time. A long long time. It might have been three hours. It was a long long time. So long emma got wrecked and went to play with the bar. I was a little wrecked (for I am old now), but I stayed until the end. They said goodbye and went off. Some set lists were distributed and I reached one. A girl just missed it so I gave her half. I gave her half because of this.

Went back and took it easy before flying out the next morning.
Saw the band in the airport checking in their oversized luggage.
Said hello and good luck to the tall quiet guy.

Went to Greece.

Came back.

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