Wednesday 24th August 2005
The Point

weezer dublin

Weezer Dublin again. This time in "The Point". I'll get the painful bit out of the way first - "The Point" once again sucked. This time they didn't bother "pointing" any of the PA at the few hundred people up front. The main PA system was behind us. I could barely hear the band at times. The bleed from the stage wasn't really that loud, so the crowd were quite capable of overpowering the music.

That said, I didn't really care. It was Weezer, nothing was going to beat their last gig, and my expectations of "The Point" are now set to a permanent zero. There was a pretty decent crush, which was sort of fun, and I had a nice metal bar to lean on.

I left work late again, got some nervous/angsty food in Nude, split east for the Stinking Depot. Walk took a while, coz it's a reasonable distance and I couldn't be bothered getting a taxi (no bus service). I marvelled at all the new buildings along the way. That part of town has turned out exceedingly dull. It's an industrial estate on a river - a full scale architect's model of what not to do in a city centre. Gosh, I'm being mean today.

Got in and walked through to a decent standing location. Support band one had started. I didn't think there'd be a second support. I was quite disappointed when it showed up. First support were a little too cabaret. By the second support I'd moved forward a bit so I wasn't in a position to hear them properly (aforementioned PA issue).

I waited for Weezer. It had filled up by now. When the real gig started everyone jumped around quite a bit. I slid through to the giant friendly support bar.

Anyway, the gig was a lot of fun. Pushing, shoving, people leaving coz of the heat and pressure, the guy next to me starting to pass out, getting drenched in the sweat of a few different people*. All that and the =w= providing a very lively performance. Last time Rivers seemed quiet, this time he was positively enthusiastic. I'm not sure what to make of this inconsistency. Either way it was a fun gig. They even did weird stuff like getting a guy up to play guitar on 'The Sweater Song' (he rocked), and a performance of 'Island in the Sun' from the back of the venue. Yes, from down near the sound stage - just Mr. Cuomo.

They did an encore. I didn't bother trying to get a setlist or anything. I hadn't shaved in days was starting to get that "heroin addict" look.

Walked all the way back into town. Crossed the new bridge at a run and noticed it was just as wobbly as the Millennium Bridge.

So that was Weezer...

*I'm not being sarcastic - I count this as fun.

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