Interpol Marlay Park
Wednesday 22nd June 2005
Marlay Park

Interpol in Marlay park. I didn't bother getting the ticket till the day before.
The price was sixty euro. A little steep for just Interpol, and I had suspicions regarding Coldplay.

I skipped out of work at five thirty. Unbelievably early by my standards. Went home on the electric train, confirmed that I had lost my house keys, climbed the roof, got in, had dinner, cycled over to Marlay Park. I hadn't been there since I was about ten, though I now live quite close to it. Seems like a big park...

Some support band were on.
I met up with Phil, Nicell and a mate of theirs.
Sat on the grass.

We moved up before Interpol started. About five people back in the second section. The front section was about a third full coz the coldplay fans weren't bothered. That said, we would become unbothered for Coldplay. It might have been a fair exchange.

Interpol came on and did their thing. By this time a few more folks we knew had strung along. We enjoyed a satisfyingly long set. It was quite similar to the Olympia gig, but with more daylight, heat, and a bigger PA. Despite the hot weather, the majority of the band insisted on dressing formally. Needless to say the set was good, although the surroundings were a little too distracting for my liking. Daylight and a physical distance from the stage detracts slightly from concerts.

They wound up after playing all the tunes I wanted to hear.
They're a very good band.
Evil, Obstacle, NYC.

Things dissipated a little for Coldplay. Phil took a wander just before the set. I decided two songs in to take a wander and hook up with him. Had to put on dodgy arrogant sunglasses and walk back through all the people. Got accused of being in the band. Hooked up and strolled around a bit. He got some chips. Coldplay sounded great from a distance, but they're way too happy for my liking. God forbid...

Eventually we got bored and walked back through the packed mature audience to where the others were (five people back from the second barrier). The unwritten rule: allow people to pass as long as they didn't stop directly in front of you. It was the first time I got to use it to my advantage.

Closer to the front I rapidly ran out of attention. Got spaced and a little bored. The band played on. Nice light show. Gig went by quite quickly, which was alright. I tried to make Phil ironically phone his girl during the mushy songs. He tried loudly (and correctly) commenting on the many shiny-happy-people moments the band were creating. There was reasonable ground for people picking fights with us. We were the cynical enemy, they were the mindless drones. Harsh...

Eventually it all wound up. Slowly left. Walked along the road a little.
Said bye to Phil and Nicell. Rolled downhill all the way home.

Here's the evil mirror

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