Wednesday 6th April 2005
The Olympia Theatre

interpol dublin ireland band.


This was a good concert. This is a good band.
Two albums so far, both good. Neither worse than the other.
One album is warmer. A relative description applied to a band that inspires the cold.

I went to this with fee.
Left work, visited Nude, got a little bit of dinner for myself.
Later I was forced to supplement.

Met fee at Trinity. Ten minutes lazing on the boxy red chair things.

We strolled to the Olympia. The doors were already open and the front-section wristbands all gone.
Later I suspected precious wristbands were saved for special people.
Half the front-section crowd didn't look like a front-section crowd.

Support one were Spoon. Nice band who played with a lot of space.
I liked the bass player's backing vocals and the singer's old guitar (it reminded me of my Harmony guitar).
Spoon played for ages. We had a mini-Spoon gig.

By this stage I had dehydrated to the point of not caring.
It was a familiar feeling from other concerts.
Fee was in a similar state, but we didn't discuss it at the time.
This information shall be relevant later.

Interpol came on. I had an elbow on the bar for comfort.
Their reputation for smartness is not unfounded.
The sound started ok and ascended into a violent collection of bass and kicks.
The chopped guitars and edged vocals sat on top.
They played a well arranged set, frequently matching the dry crescendos I've come to appreciate.

The encore began, but fee's blood stalled in her brain.
She slumped forward, greyed out, blacked out, stopped hearing. It took a while to clarify her condition.
I tried walking her out, realised it wasn't working and dragged her out instead.

We hung around as she tried to recover.
She got a cab and I caught an electric train.

some notes:
an active crowd
my bloodshot eye
a drummer hidden in smoke
carlos d
paul banks
mr kessler

it was a very good concert...

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