Friday 19th November 2004
The Ambassador

gomez - dublin

I knew the gig was on, but didn't make the connection between November 19th, the date on the ticket, and November 19th, my reality. I sat home bored until the penny dropped. Luas into town. Taxi to the Ambassador. Flogged my spare ticket to a guy with a sandy afro. Sometimes there's no point trying to get people to go to these things...

Someone introduced the band straight away. Failing to notice the 19th connection until 8.30 meant I missed support. The lax mature crowd meant I walked through to a decent viewpoint. Having never seen Gomez before or heard their music meant I spent a little while wondering why the really tall guy looked so different to the rest of the band. The shorter guy on keys/guitar was familiar to me. My brain, at some point in TV/Magazine past, had assumed he was in charge. I had no idea who all the other people were. Gomez fans may shake their heads in dismay - I guess I just don't care.

They seemed a reasonable band, but not my taste of late. A recent Interpol phase had left me cold inside. Happy bands operate in another direction. These guys were very happy. That said, I was "happy" to be in the Ambassador with a quality band. I'm fond of the Ambassador that way.

Anyway, they played a good set. I didn't recognise a thing till near the end, when they played what I shall now refer to as a "hit". I knew it from somewhere - maybe MTV before they became soap-opera. All the other songs were a good first listen. They swapped instruments too. Gomez - a happy instrument swapping band.

Drums and Percussion - it was fun to watch their wrists just before they struck.
Actually, lots of things struck me whilst I was there, but today is faded tuesday.

Afterwards I stood by the stage for a while. The scale seemed more familiar. Then I went home.

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