Tenacious D
Tuesday 19th March 2003
The Olympia Theatre

tenacious d dublin

Tenacious D at the Olympia…….
Tenacious D at the Olympia…….
Tenacious D at the Olympia…….

Tenacious D in Dublin again. It hasn't been that long since they were last here, but as Dr. J pointed out, there's a lot more people interested this time.

We met up pre gig at the Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ pizza place in Temple Bar. Dr. J told me to look into the big wall mirror then threw his cup at my head. He also brought bad news about the queue. Apparently it was already pretty damned long, so we wouldn’t be getting up the front. We took it easy...

Cut through Meeting House Square, and walked up the lane by the Olympia's Stage Door. We joined the back of the Queue, which didn't really seem that long. Dr. J didn't explain at the time, but we had walked around the corner exactly as the queue was being flipped around to go in an opposite direction. So we'd jumped it (sorry folks). Whilst waiting, we somehow got chatting with the fifteen year old kids in front of us. They were happy, and thought I sounded like some TV bear off Network Two. Cue discussion about my preference for Sabrina/Saved by the Bell. We compared tickets and deduced that I'd managed to buy the 8th and 9th tickets that went on sale. They got their tickets from Sound Cellar.

The doors opened - we legged it. This meant that we got wrist thingies and entry into the non-crush area in front of the stage (although I personally think a slight crush is more fun). The fifteen year old kids turned up a few minutes after they’d stopped letting people in. Moral: don't stop to look at the merchandise before the show, and don't trust people older than you. We then went to the cloakroom and to look at the merchandise. I bought a sticker and an official Tenacious D C*m Rag (the “*” is in case I offend Google, which is fine by me).

Anyhoo. I'm writing this a little tired. It's been a hectic month or so. Sigh...

Support - The Warlords of Pez. Bear in mind I'm now so cynical my blood has turned black. With that info to hand, I must say that they did a good job. They were entertaining, very imaginative, nice costumes, etc, etc, etc. I thought it was between them and the naked breakdancing cubans for most amusing support we've seen, but Dr. J thought they'd pretty much won it.

Sooooo. Tenacious D appeared a while later. Of course, I'm going to start summarising pretty damned soon. Don't forget - this isn't a review, this isn't an account, this is "Tickets", with whatever piece of crap I feel like typing down the bottom of the page. If you didn't see them, then you missed yet another great Tenacious D show (although it was actually more or less the same show we saw at the Ambassador - so if you caught that then you're ok). Yes - they put on an excellent performance, and the beautiful little movies nearly made me cry again.

It feels good to stand in the Olympia Theatre and watch two guys do their thing on stage, with people screaming everywhere and everything so bright and vivid.

Yeah. And there was a little bit of moshing, and a lot of singing along (which seemed to detract for some reason). They did an encore and left. Then there were a lot of plectrums (plectra?) given away, and true to form I got a KG plec to match the JB plec I had from last time. A matching pair makes me happy.

We hung around for a while, as the coat queue was stupid with bells on. Then someone came over and said "coats over here". We walked straight over and had coats in twenty seconds. It was some kind of strange night for lucky stuff happening. Exit apartamento Dr. J - lift back home - slept it in and was late for work the next morning.

this is my gift, it is my curse...


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