Tenacious D
Saturday 6th July 2002
The Ambassador Theatre

tenacious d dublin

Tenacious D at the Ambassador…….
Tenacious D at the Ambassador…….
Tenacious D at the Ambassador…….

Well, this was originally supposed to be at Whelan’s, but it was sold out before we got to the booking stage. Thankfully I discovered (through a phone call to Whelan’s) that it was being moved due to the high demand. I kept my finger slightly on the pulse.

It was moved to our current venue of venues: The Ambassador. I bought three tickets using the power of Visa then set about telling everyone else to go and get their own. But people are weak: the Cockmaster had to go to a party in a castle, and Misty (from the David Byrne concert) was just somewhere else. Dr. J took his ticket with a hefty happy snort and I was left with one to spare. Dave Beard seemed a likely candidate, but he was smashed. He did (however) accept the ticket on some form of "pay me back when you’re fifty" deal.

I once again bussed into town, sitting in the middle with some foreign guy lying down across the back seat. I meant to be early but I ended up late. Beard was collected from AKA on Wicklow Street (between the alley of death and Tower Records), then we got detained with the dude who filmed the riots on Dame Street. We eventually reached a waited and frustrated Dr. J at the top of O’Connell Street.

We went in and got a nice standing space centre speakers about 15 people back - still close enough to see the future madness in Tenacious D’s eyes. There were friendly Americans in front of us and we chatted with them occasionally, varying our words between precise definitions of "Tenacious", and a brief game of paper/rock/scissors. We had actually been playing the dirty version created at the Roger Waters gig. They joined in with the clean version. It would have been inappropriate to try and explain.

No support, the waiting, the leaning, the false starts by idiots just because a song faded down, then they came on. And so I shall delve into the generals. Generally, they were fantastic. They were Tenacious D. It was all acoustic, but the combination of Kyle Gass’s fine guitar skills and the unceremonious power of Jack Black produced an experience to be treasured.

Yeah. What can I say. It was great. This band makes music so much fun. And they had little movies every now and again that made my eyes leak amused water. I can’t tell you how funny the movies were. The were also filthy, because filthy humour is a very powerful kind of humour.

So they played all the songs we wanted to know, then threw out a million little pieces of subtle mastery for us to bring home. They talked and sang, sang and talked. Jack made crazy faces, Kyle played the guitar and made normal faces.

This concert is really hard to describe. Since I don’t feel I’m getting across just how entertaining they were, I’m gonna stop trying right about now.

Tenacious D – Buy the record and listen to it.
Go and see them if they call here again.
I’ll be in attendance, and so shall Dr. J.

Apres Gig:

Beard went for the cloaks we had checked hidden in the bowels of his back-pack. Me and Dr. J flittered around for a bit, then realised that more stuff was being given away. Like flies to shit we began our petty begging. We came off with plectrums - glorious customised Tenacious D Plectrums. Dr. J got two KG version flicks, and I got a JD version. Being lovers of generosity we gave the queued Beard the second KG, so all went home souvenired.

Well, to Eddie Rockets actually. Then home.
Although Dr. J had to go back to work (patching up idiots who fight with knives), and Beard went to Blackrock.

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