Ron Sexsmith
Thursday 28th November 2002
The Ambassador Theatre

ron sexsmith

I went to see Ron again. It was the Take That line-up of me, Dr. J, and Mrs. Cats ("Mrs" - she got herself hitched). We met up outside Tower, walked down O'Connell Street to see the giant spike crane, caught a McDonalds, met Mrs. Cats at UGC Cinemas (parking her car).

Support was a band called Clarkesville. I wondered if they were named for the "Last Train To...", but that's not important. They were pleasant, and kept telling us to go visit their website. They were a good support band.

Then there was a gap (how shocking) to allow the Ron Sexsmith experience to set up. During this time the guitarist, bassist and drummer all appeared briefly for equipment purposes. Rare pre-actual-show band behavior. A while later the light became less bright and they all came on proper.

It was what I now consider to be a typical Ron Sexsmith gig (for me). I still don't listen to his records, so I have an exclusively live experience of his music. This works well for me, though some might not take my word for it. He played his tunes, a couple of which I remembered from the Spirit Stores gig (although he did a lot of apparently new stuff). The band was excellent. Guitars were beautiful, the non-ron guitarist once again imaginative and innovative. Bass was a new guy, and although I missed the old bassist (who had cool hair) this guy was calmly nifty. Drums were again brilliant, with the fantastic rhythm and feeling that was impressed upon me the first time I saw him play. All in all a top band. Ron's voice was perfect, and he made the songs seem easy to sing and sound easy to hear. Apart from that we stood and listened to excellent people play meaningful music. There were a couple of shy encores, the light became brighter (in a general manner) and we all went to our homes.

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