Take That
Sunday 4th September 1994
The Point Theatre

Take That? The boy band Robbie Williams was in? What the hell was I doing at this? Well, at the time we wanted to go quite badly. We (Dr. J and I) somehow understood the inside joke that Take That were just Entertainment. They could dance, and Gary Barlow was (at the time) an excellentish song writer. Take That had everything a boy band should have, and a lot more than the bands that suceeded them. So we went. It was me, Dr. J, and Ms. Cats. Dr. J had managed to get three free tickets (we preferred the idea of getting in free to paying), but one of the seats was on its own. Since Dr. J was good friends with Ms. Cats, it was left to me to occupy the single seat. This ideally placed me beside a mother and her under-age daughter. Not a good situation. I felt the mother's eyes burning into me as I took my seat.

Aside from that it was fascinating. Take That came on and everybody screamed. The screaming was louder than the PA, so I had to stick tissues in my ears. I was also seated to the rear of the hanger-sized arena that is The Point Theatre, so TT were extremely small. It would have been a lot more fun closer to the stage, but such is life. We would have all gone back to see Take That but the chance never came. Alas, now they are gone...

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