Thursday 5th November 1998
The Olympia Theatre
Sean Lennon Support, should have been Moog Cookbook.

John Lennon's son stood right in front of us with his band and a red SH-101. Sean was interesting, and I got his set-list, complete with a Lennon footprint. The support band that we wanted, however, was the Moog Cookbook, who had played gigs with Air at all the English venues. The Moog Cookbook were on stage all night in the guise of Air's backing synthesists, but we were still slightly miffed that they didn't do their ultimate thing (miffed at the promoters that is...)

Air were the biz. Their albums tend to be relaxed and mellow, but they like to go in the opposite direction live. This included a near trash version of "Kelly watch the Stars". The other highlight of the gig was the reappearance of Justin (Beck's Bassist 1 2) playing bass with Air. We were happy about this, so we screamed his name until he looked toward the crowd with a "who me?" kind of expression.

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