Witnness 2000
Sunday 6ht August 2000
Fairyhouse, Co. Meath
Paul Weller
All Saints

The band list above is the way I remember the bands, and not the actual running order.

I was here with Dr. J (yet again) and his then lady friend Rosita. It was a nice day. We took it easy when we arrived, slowly building up to a proper crowd position for the main man - Beck.

Our attention spans coasted through the rather boring All Saints, Embrace, and Paul Weller (who just doesn't float my boat). Then it was time to get into position. Showing a slight lack of respect for the weaker concertgoers, we slid through to the front of the main arena (the area around the stage required wristbands). This was an OK view, but not great.

When Beck came on things got interesting. He played an excellent show, with help from Justin MJ and Roger Manning Junior to name a few. The surreal nature of Beck’s stage show was complemented by members of the audience creating three tiered human pyramids. Why? Who knows. We would see pyramids again when U2 played Slane, but the Witnness Pyramids were definitely higher. Anyway, Beck played a great set, and when the time came for them to leave they spent up to ten minutes trying to land aircraft and taping off areas of the stage. Eventually they all fell over and played dead until the stage-crew came on and literally lifted them off.

Travis came next. They were nice, but Beck won. Travis, in fact, were a little too nice, and tried to convince us to create our own little "pay it forward" scheme to make the world a better place. Unfortunately I'm too much of a cynic for that?

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