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April 2003 - since the photo section is now a closed project, requests are less likely to succeed.
But feel free to ask anyway, as I'll still do my best to oblige.

So you want something or somewhere photographed??? Just send me a mail and I'll do my best to help out. There would be no charge and the photo would be mailed back to you asap. Please read on to understand this insane concept more.

Firstly, I'm limited geographically. Have a look at the imaginary map below to see the areas I normally move through (I just cannot find a nice map graphic). The further outside this non-existent area a geographical request is, the less chance there is of me being able to do it. Essentially this means that if I'm asked to photograph something in Tallaght, I won't be able to photograph it until I find myself going to Tallaght. This could be months or years, which means that a request of that nature could be disappointed. But if someone wants me to photograph something in the city centre, I could probably do it at lunch, and have the image mailed out whilst I'm having my sandwich.

So don't be afraid to ask, the worst thing I could say is; "sorry, I'll probably never get around to it". Bear in mind that any photos remain the property of FJP, and will probably end up in the main photo section unless otherwise requested.

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