The Raveonettes
The Village
Thursday 10th April 2008

the raveonettes

The Raveonettes.

I bought this way off in the past. Seemed a good idea straight away. Can't remember where I know the Raveonettes from, just knew they would be good. The show was unusually inexpensive. Ten euro. No Sense.

Not sold out either.

Venue was changed. Was supposed to be tiny fun Whelan's on Friday. Moved to The Village on Thursday. I'm ok with that. The Village is nice. They both have good views. Good sound. But Whelan's is tiny though, and fun.

Went along in time. Support were on. No bells rung. We hung around the back and sort of ignored them. I guess that's mean.

Went up the front afterwards. People were being shy. We decided not to be. Walked up the dead centre. The crowd slowly filled up behind us. Waited for the band. Sune Rose Wagner appeared and set up his pedals. Curly hair. Skinny jeans didn't go all the way to the ground.

It started. They came out. Looked well. Interesting views. Seemed to be the two, and a person with drums. The person with drums also controlled a "backing" track. The often violent and shaking bass lived within this track.

They had guitars. E told me about the nice Japanese Fender SRW used. It looked like a nice guitar. I had a fondness once for Japanese Fenders, In the nineties. Those Japanese Fenders are nice. SF had a similar instrument. Less gold and black though.

They played. Sound was good. Vocals were special. Bass was often violent and shaking. There wasn't too much chit chat. A few shy words was all.

There was an encore. Unrushed. Everything was very good. The concert played through.

Afterwards we slipped away. Went to Carnival of old.

I had a beer or two.
The Vibrato Arm fell out.
No set lists - the "Backing Track"?
Must be hard to hit pedals in heels.
Some teenage girls showed up late, danced at the front in excitement, then went away.

Beforehand we couldn't find a seat in Solas. Walked to town. No room for food. Walked back out and got a booth. Solas.

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