Of Montreal
The Button Factory (TBMC)
Saturday 8th December 2007

of montreal dublin

Of Montreal. Suggested by Genna. Didn't bother. Re-suggested by Chicago Girl.
Genna had already flogged her ticket. It was me, three other people.
In The Button Factory, previously the scary Temple Bar Music Centre.
The Stag's Head first, swopping vintage fake money with no-one else around.

Went in late. Got a drink.
Walked right up to the front.
Whiskey. Support left.
People set up gear.

The band came out. A girl, a boy, another boy, another boy, another boy.
They started with "The Past is a Grotesque Animal".
Sound was boomy (TBF/TBMC norm) but I knew it would get normal.

Sound got normal after a few songs. Things were colourful.
Reflective. Straight fringes and glitter eye-shadows.
Strats with things stuck on, old blacked SGs called Arlene.
Gold demi-cardigans. Rickenbackers.

Visually it was an impressive gig. Kevin Barnes probably takes a lot of credit for this.
See the pic. Borrowed from from wiki (but in the public domain).

They played, we nodded, people danced. There was an outfit change.
It was good. Some double Rickenbacker action. We joked with each other.
People jumped around a little. There was one drunk person.

They did an encore. More layers of peeled clothes. Cool white guitar hair.
Then they left. We headed off, ran into people on George's Street.
Bought tights for masks, went to a fancy dress in Toner's.
Went back to someone's apartment, then went home.

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