RDS Main Stage
Sunday 2nd December 2007

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Interpol again. The third time. I missed the Oxegen show. I was too lazy. Bad me.

I broke my back chopping wood Sunday. It didn't help. Hardly in the mood for tricky commutes to the RDS, Phil rang and panicked me off the couch. Got a taxi to the Simmonscourt Gate. Tried to figure out why Interpol fans were young, happy, teenage girls, with light-sticks.

Ran around to the correct entrance. Saw Phil. Jumped a barrier and ignored people. Got my wrist band for the (1500 person) pit. We hung around and waited. The Nicells were there. Dermot. Some other guys. Le Galaxie were there. Their girls. Various fashionable youths, cynical thirty-somethings...

The boys were drinking beers. I got angsty and joined the crowd before support finished. Support didn't ring my bell. The PA was loud, but it would miss me for the main event.

Worked through the crowd and stopped two or three people back. Would end up second row with a nice view. The crowd were fun. The drunk people (Brady's friend) were annoying the sober people. I was sober and thought the atmosphere was appropriate. It was Interpol, but it was a concert. Some joviality is allowed.

Interpol came on. I don't recall exactly how they walked onto the stage. There was blending and darkness. They were neat, lean, formal, serious, partially lit. My view of Mister Dengler was slightly obscurred by people. Mister Kessler was just to my left and very clear. Mister Banks was just to my right and very clear. Mister Fogarino was directly in front of me, the base of his drum platform at my eye level, and very clear. All wore expected Interpol garments. Their amps stood far behind them on flight cases. It was a spacious stage. The amps seemed strangely distant.

Mister Kessler was quite physical in his guitar playing. He occasionally stood out on the monitor. He moved his feet a lot. He plucked heavily at the strings.

Someone threw Paul a Santa Hat. Paul said, "am I supposed to wear this?".

There wasn't very much band interaction. There was some, but not much.

PDA was a nice moment. They paused on the break. Daniel was in charge of starting again. He waited and waited. The rest of the band watched him in silence. It was a nice moment.

They played a good set. The new songs fitted better than I had thought. The old songs were better than I remembered.

I'm still tired from back trouble. Contemplating which of my borrowed medications to try out next. I'll try no more to describe Interpol. They're difficult to pin words on. I've not been up to it this morning or this evening.

* People jumped around. It was lively.
** Drums were loud and hit very hard.
*** Carlos swung his bass occasionally.
**** The guitars were there. The Epiphones, the Jazzmaster, a Guild, the very black Custom Les Paul. The bass like my old sold bass.
***** Three neat BT'ish teenage girls were in love with them. The girls seemed out of place with the records. It was cute.
****** Taxi home from the dual carriageway.

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