Tuesday September 26th 2007

feist dublin ireland

Feist - this was anticipated. I had the album. I liked it. I bought the tickets in a hurry.

Ate more porridge for dinner to maintain my gulag physique. Headed over to Tripod. Genevieve couldn't go so I sold her ticket for her (face value). Emma came along shortly after and we went in. Support was still on. Songs to video, interesting. Later he would play the piano with the band.

Regina had been packed, so I was slightly earlier than before. The crowd were relaxed - we walked through to a decent spot.

The crowd remained relaxed. We slowly crept forward when they went to get more drink. Ended up about third row standing. A very nice undisturbed view, despite tall teenagers who opted for front row on the bar.

They turned the aircon off again. It wasn't as hot as Regina, but it was hot. It was still better than having the noisy aircon on. Later it would be briefly activated, changing the air for new air in a minute flat, but reminding me that it was a noisy system. Cudos to Tripod for leaving it off.

Feist came on. She seemed a gentle girl. Her face reminded me of my Goddaughter. She wore a simple off the shoulder top with a shiny sleevette on her upper right arm (like in the Letterman Video). She played her big red Guild guitar, a guitar that reminded me of the Raconteurs and my old Harmony Stratotone. She played through two little Vox amps. One said "Host" in adhesive gold lettering, the other said something else. They might have been old AC15s. Between the Guild and the amps (and whatever was in between) it sounded great.

The band were doings lots of stuff. A piano, a Nord electro, the blow-through thingy with the tube, a little xylophone, a trumpet, a french horn, a saxophone, a bass, a drum kit and a twangy tele for when the pianist felt like standing up and having fun. The band were good. They did really really nice backing vocals. There were three brothers there.

All in all it was very good. Her voice was perfect, and the band backed her up very well. She played 'one, two, three four', but it didn't seem to take off. I guess ti should have been the highlight, but other songs won instead. I didn't mind. Tunes like "'feel it all" and "the park" (with the clever delay trick using the bird whistles) were better surprises. "Sea Lion Woman" was the band, the piano, the delay trick and a lot of crazy thrown in. It was a fun gig.

There was a brief encore. They all went away. I met Emma outside. We sat by the fountain for a while then went to the George Bernard Shaw. It was cold outside. I waited slightly longer than normal for the train.

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