Wednesday September 1st 2004
The East Village
New York

I think I threw it all away...

Yeah - I'm just putting this in to knock Ash off the "latest" spot.
Tch. Sometimes I just can't type...

Anyway. I met Sam, Selena and Justine at the protest march the Sunday before. After our big walk they took me along to lunch (mostly rehydration). We then hung around in Central Park. There was more food later and plenty of wandering to reach one intent from the other. When all was done they gave me their info so we might meet up again. A good idea, considering I was there on my own. Wandering New York alone was still better than wandering Dublin alone. That's why I went in the first place.

We met at the Beauty Bar for handbag abuse, then off to food in a Brazilian restaurant (very yum). Afterwards we hurried to see the band play. Selena worried that Sam's choice might be a little depressing, but they were happy enough. It was a perfectly normal band playing a room with a low ceiling, squeezed through a narrow bar from a busy little street. Hair was good, guitars were alright. They weren't amazing - more of a decent band on a first listen, but not exceptional. I should probably try and hear their record. But this is all just a distraction.

So we listened and chatted a little.
Afterwards we strolled around the corner and grabbed a coffee.
The girls took taxis home.
I grabbed the L.

Flew out of New York a few days later.
Went back to Williamsburg one last time before I did.
It seemed such a nice place...

thanks again to sam, selena and justine for all the fun.

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