Friday 22th April 2004
Temple Bar Music Centre

ash temple bar music centre


Was I in the mood for this?

Probably not.

It was all the same. I left work. Fee-Fee and I had some cake in a cafe. We stayed till they closed the place. They closed the place at seven. Fee-Fee went to Trinity to do work. I wandered around whilst Dr. J and Tuffle finished a meal in Mao. Wandering around is hard. It all wore me out.

I saw them on Grafton Street. They were wandering around too. We went to the Music Centre. Jay got some cones on the way.

The Music Centre was the Music Centre. I'm not too fond of the music centre. I might like to type it in lower case sometimes. I've been there before. I've played there, recorded there, rehearsed there. I was never fond of it.

Support were on. Last support band I saw - I bought their album. Now I listen to it quite a lot (Fiery Furnaces). This support wasn't my tea.

The crowd were strange to me. Sorry crowd. Some big guy with some short girls walked through and stood right in front of me. I reckon the gap I left was too small to do that. Wasn't too impressed. Then the girls with him looked at me like I was standing too close to them. (yeah yeah yeah - irish girls)

All this time the others were at the bar.

The gig started. Ash seemed happy, but I was still distracted. They played fine, I just wasn't in the mood. I got bored, waved bye to J and Tuffles, walked forward to the stage. It was hot. Ventilation was dodgy. Place smelled a little crazy. I stood and got pushed with the crowd. Stayed there for the whole thing. Ended up on the front bar at the last song. Nice view. Familiar to me. Everybody around me certainly enjoyed themselves.

Anyway. That's about it.
Had a weird walk back to work.
Picked up my stuff and got a bus home.

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