Friday 11th October 2002
The Ambassador Theatre

supergrass dublin

Hmm. Seated upstairs again, but we learned our lesson. Now the only acceptable upstairs seat is the front edge. We arrived in plenty of time and stood first in the queue for level two. The wait was fairly twee, punctuated by people giving crisps away free in order to promote their brand.

We were let in. Whilst my suspicious terrorist bag was being searched Dr. J secured front row by-the-aisle seats. The view was broad and smooth, and the balcony offered a soft furry option to rest my chin on. I was chatting a little with a girl from Limerick who came up specially for Supergrass, just in case she's reading this.

Support were amusing, although completely The Ramones / Hives / Strokes. But they were alright. They didn't drive us mad or make us want to shoot folks. (2005 - they were actually the Libertines)

Hurray. Supergrass arrived a bit later and began to play. Straight off points were caught by the drummer. He played hard, wavy, fast and had his hair blown crazy by an electric fan. Guitar playing was nice. Guitars were connected to the amps by cables with lit-up ends. Bass playing was more complex than I thought it would be (only I hadn't thought about it). Keys filled in where a three-piece leaves off. Singing was good. It all sounded exactly like Supergrass.

I can't really recall any specific moments of genius / stupidity. The band played well and everyone had a lot of fun. Security didn't have too much fun, but trying to stop people from jumping around was a silly idea. That said, they were pros, and outshone the inept performance by the Point's Security the night before. Hmm, discussing gig security...

There was an encore, and the finish kicked the kick and snare into the middle of the stage. This was the terminal punctuation of the evening. Lights came on and we headed for the doors.

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