Brian Wilson
Friday 1st January 2002
The Point

Here we go!!!

Brian Wilson's Pet Sounds album had become a favourite album long before this gig was billed (although "Wouldn't it be Nice" has been permanently damaged by reckless, irresponsible advertising on Irish television by those "Sadolin" b*sta*ds).

I was pretty relaxed about going to the gig. Dr. J made all the ticket arrangements (he's better at ticket arrangements than I am). Another Friday night came and we found ourselves amongst a relatively mature crowd in an all-seated Point Depot. We were located on the left balcony quite close to the stage, but not close enough to see Brian's eyes.

But he did a very good job.
Yes, Brian Wilson made us happy.

Although his ten piece band was exceptionally professional and perhaps slightly too talented, Brian himself exuded a different persona. He makes gentle and expressive arm movements as he sings, and moves with an almost crippling impression of an indefinable emotion (modesty, nervousness, terror, worry, happiness...I don't know). Anyway, he's a very unique performer. We were mesmerised by the sonic carpet that he produced for us that evening. I only wish I could have been a little closer, as it's always nice to see the look in a person's eyes...

The set was fantastic. It opened with a selection of general songs followed by a twenty minute intermission. This break was the perfect preparation for part two of the show, which consisted of the entire "Pet Sounds" album played in sequence. And believe me, if you know this album, that's quite a thing to hear (I think Beatles fans can compare it to John Lennon singing Sergeant Pepper's in sequence as part of a live gig). Then, when we had already heard more than we really deserved, Brian played us a selection of happy Beach Boys hits to send us home smiling. A few fast encores were taken care of, the band lined up, took a final bow and left the stage.

Brian wore a black jumper with white spots and sat behind a large keyboard as he sang.
He played the bass guitar in just one song.
He made the band restart one of the songs.
They cracked a few jokes.
Brian made comments about a lot of the songs before he sang them, but kept the comments short and sweet.
It was a nice night, and I think I understand Pet Sounds a little better having seen the man who made it.
When they lined up to take the final bow I think Brian looked the tallest...

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ps - there are now some photos of this gig under "Concerts" in the People Section.

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