Mercury Rev
Wednesday 3rd October 2001
The Ambassador Theatre

The first time I saw Mercury Rev I played with a band supporting their previous gig in Dublin. I didn't know their records but was slightly interested. Later I would buy their record, like it, buy their next record, like it, and then buy tickets to go see this gig with Dr. Jay.

Support was crap, and we were unimpressed. We assumed a position dead centre between the Ambassador's wide-set PA. Mercury Rev came out and played a great, great set. The sound was perfect, and even the new album songs were familiar and enjoyable for me. Encores were a little protracted, and they chose to finish on the same song they started with ("Dark is Rising" from the new album "All is Dream"). This gave a great feeling of finality to the gig, and I enjoyed the song knowing that it would be the last time I'd see them play for an indefinite period.

ps - there are now some photos of this gig under "Concerts" in the People Section. And you can see a scan the set list I blagged here.

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