Big Star
Wednesday 8th August 2001
Red Box

The same scenario as the "Television" gig. This small concert in the Red Box featured two of the original band members and the bassist and guitarist from a band I don't remember. The gig was fun. They played all their songs, joked with the crowd, smiled, laughed, generally had a good time. The most enjoyable part of the evening for me was when they tried to play the Beach Boys "Wouldn't it be Nice" as an encore. It seems the chords and structure of this song were really only known to the singer, and even he needed a quick restart on the intro guitar riff. So I watched a band improvise their way through a famous song, adding it the necessary "Bah, Bah Bah Bah, Bah Bah Bah" backing vocals where they sort of thought they ought to go. Everyone smiled and laughed, and that included the band.

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